Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My alexa ranking increase 9,000 in one night

Believe or not this happens when I follow the tips on increasing alexa rank that I found when browsing.

1. the first to improve the Alexa Ranking is to install the Alexa toolbar Alexa toolbar.nah entries in your browser. plug in is available for firefox and internet explorer. nah you continue to open your blog is already there its Alexa toolbar ... there's some experience that I do, the results from the start make this blog appear juataan number 23, after masang Alexa toolbar deh directly decrease up to number 1 million within approximately one week.

2. He frequently posts articles on your blog with content that is unique, if it can be 1 day in one update. It also helps to increase the Alexa Rank. terbukti time in my blog Alexa rank around 800ribuan, after update the article, right down deh now number up to around 500ribuan ...

3. perbanyak link or links in our blog. mean perbanyak inbound links from the articles with a previous article, or even an article in the first post, use the link to mengelink articles that have been long slump, or other language merefresh back, so your article is the first article that does not seem to die.

4. pasang banner on the Alexa blog / website kita. we usually ashamed to install the banner Alexa, because some may be embarrassed because we are in the Alexa top 1jutaan, Alexa first time my first pair about 23 millions, directly tancap only bannernya below. but do not worry if you follow the tips above certainly in the near future there will be changes in the blog's Alexa rank anda.tapi Alexa Banner also useful, because every time we can see the update on the blog directly without having to mengeceknya.

5. nah points as well as number 2 above, make a posting about this I like Alexa, it seems lo can also increase Alexa ranking. you review a few tips about Alexa wounded-related tips on Alexa and others.

6. increase your blog traffic site. the main key here, because from my experience, the first days of my blog quiet, there a few days later so many visitors who come on my blog, with an average of about 50 people in a week, eventually my Alexa ranking directly increased sharply.