Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Engineer Development Program (EDP) is one of ZTE-IT TELKOM Aspac R&D and Training Center new program. This training not only include theoretic but practical also with the equipment and telecommunication device. In order to you can understand and operating the telecommunication field is a sector that’s growing rapidly right now.

Engineer Development Program (ED Program)
Who can join Engineer Development Program (ED Program)?
Fresh graduate
Job Seeker
Telecommunication employee (who want to improve knowledge and career)
Non-telecommunication employee (who want to move to telecommunication field)
Public (anyone who want to know more about telecommunication technology)


Certificate I : (Rp 1.750.000) Disc. 10% (5days)
ZTE Certificated Telecommunication Engineer ( Batch I)
Course : Telecommunication Training Fundamental
Time : 6th July 2009 – 10th July 2009.

Certificate II : (Rp 3.500.000) Disc. 10% (10days)

ZTE Certificated UMTS Engineer
Course : UMTS O&M (Operation & Maintenance)
Time : 13th July 2009 – 25thJuly 2009.

ZTE Certificated UMTS NPO Engineer
Course : UMTS NPO (Network Planing Optimization)
Time :13th July 2009 – 25thJuly 2009.

ZTE Certificated GSM Engineer
Course : GSM O&M (Operation & Maintenance)
Time : 21st July 2009 – 31st July 2009.

ZTE Certificated GSM NPO Engineer
Course : GSM NPO (Network Planing Optimization)
Time : 21st July 2009 – 31st July 2009

If you join certificate I and Certificate II, you will have a chance to join interview with HRD PT. ZTE INDONESIA.

How to join Engineer Development Program (ED Program)?

Candidate’s requirement :
Fill the registration form (request the registration form by email : /, or come to ZTE-IT TELKOM Aspac R&D and Training Center Office.
Come from technical (telecommunication, electrical, informatics, industrial) major and Informatics management.
Fill and return the registration form before 26th June 2009 (for batch I) and 17th July 2009 (for batch II)
BATCH I : will be held on 29th June 2009 and BATCH II : 21th July 2009. All the candidates have been registered please come to ZTE-IT TELKOM Training Center (Kampus IT TELKOM, Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 Terusan Buah Batu Bandung 40257, Telp : 022-7564108 Ext. 2031 / 085692039903).
You can access this information also at

You can visit our stand also at Bursa kerja Nasional Sragen Jawa Tengah (Gedung BLK Technopark, Jl. Sutomo, Sragen - Jawa Tengah) at 29-30 Juni 2009, Pukul 09.00 – 16.00 WIB